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Strategy Games

Online Games

Free PC Gaming Website Resources

There are essentially unlimited options when it comes to PC computer games. Many of these are offered free to download on the Internet and can be browsed using databases that organize these games by genre. Because software should always be downloaded with caution, it is advised to obtain free games through trusted portals, such as the gaming resources listed here....(more)

Successfully Find Freeware Computer Games

Freeware computer games were introduced to the market to target casual gamers who play free games online. This market grew eventually to target a vast audience that wanted to download games of their choice, without paying anything. Here we spell out the basics to know about this gaming category....(more)

Multi Player Games

7 Games That Will Turn All Your Friends Against Each Other

Usually games are meant to bring friends and family closer together, and they can be a great way to pass an evening together. However, there are some popular games that might actually increase tension. Some of them, while fun, might cause disagreements and fights between those you love. Here are some games that are capable of turning you and your friends against each other....(more)

Best Online Multiplayer Star Wars Games

As one of the most popular film series of all time, "Star Wars" has generated dozens of video game spin-offs. "Star Wars" fans everywhere can unite online to play together. Here are some of the most played and enjoyed "Star Wars" multiplayer games available today....(more)

PC Games

New PC Games: A Guide to Upcoming First-Person Shooters

Some of the new PC games set for 2013 include first-person shooters. From single-player campaigns to multiplayer cooperative gameplay, check out the most anticipated first-person shooters....(more)

Safe Websites to Download Command & Conquer Red Alert

Before you press the Red Alert download button from any site, you want to make sure the website offers a legit copy. With safe sites, such as CNET, available, you can download the game and play it free of charge on your Windows PC....(more)

Let the Force Be With You: Star Wars PC Games

If you enjoy playing video games and love the Star Wars franchise, then consider checking out some of the PC games with Star Wars as the main theme. Depending on your preferences, you can play either realistic or toy versions of the movie....(more)